About The Truck


LNPDG31 is now LIVE and this maroon rocket is ready to find its new home along with $5,000 cash! If you love a good built 12 valve that will leave people in your black smoke, then this is the truck for you!



-160 P Pump

-4K Gov Springs

-S364.5 & S474.5 Turbos

-60lb Dual Feed Return Fuel Lines

-Decked Block

-Fire Ringed Block 4.56 x .105

-Bore & Hone Cylinders

-Cam Bearings

-Fire rings

-ARP Head Studs

-ARP Rod Bolts

-5x14 Stock Caps on Injectors

Narrow Dana 80 Limited Slip

-Stage 3 "big stick" 181/210 colt cam

-24 Valve Tappets

-Mahle Open Bowl Pistons

-Wagler Crank

-All New Cummins Main Bearings and Rod Bearings

-Killer Dowel Pin Fix

-Roll Pan

-Trac Bars

-Firepunk Trans 47 rh

-Fresh clutch packs

-New Triple Disc Converter

-Derale Trans Cooler and MORE!


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